The famous dumpling house that is a Japanese favourite

Satisfy your dumpling cravings at Jing Hua, a 30-year-old local dumpling house beloved by the Japanese community in Singapore.

With two outlets here and three in Japan, the Han family’s home-style Chinese cuisine is a proven hit among Singaporeans and Japanese alike. 

Famed for their xiao long bao where the meat filling melts in your mouth, other favourite include their drunken chicken, which pairs deliciously with alcohol, and their pan-fried cheese dumpling with rosemary flavour, a combination bound to excite your tastebuds. 

Complete your meal with the Jing Hua fried rice and chinese style shrimp fritters for an utmost authentic Chinese cuisine experience.

  • Jing Hua Fried Rice $8
  • Golden Fried Prawn $8
  • Drunken Chicken $7
  • Rosemary & Cheese Pan- fried Pork Dumplings $4
カテゴリー: Gourmet